Race Signs

Race Event Signs – Race Directors Course Check List

There's lots of planning that goes into running event. To help out we have come up with a event sign checklist for race planners and directors. This list will help you out with 5Ks, 10ks, runs/walks, marathons, charity fun runs and more. Archer Marketing offers affordable race signs & banners for any event.

Custom running and cycling event race signs

Order custom printed race course signs with your logos and colors.

Registration Signs & Banners

Determine the preferred foot traffic route from the parking lot to the athletes registration and check-in area. Also the route for spectators and fans. People entering the race should quickly be able to see where the restrooms, first aid and security stations are.

Race yard signs

Race Arrow Signs

Arrow signs for course logistics – Design the race event for the expected sized crowd. Think about crowd management and make plans for a successful event. Whether your event caters for 100 or 70,000 the most important thing to ensure is that the athletes, spectators, staff and volunteers can all enjoy the race in a safe manner. These signs are printed on corrugated plastic and can be installed with stepwire “H” frames into the dirt. Download our PDF to see more signs to choose from.

Race Yard Signs

Race course signs - Signs should be use to clearly identify first aid, water stations, and mile markers. Also any confusing parts of the course. Carefully go over the race course and try to identify tricky areas and make sure to inform the athletes of upcoming turns, narrow paths, or any race obstacles. The last thing you want to happen is for runners or cyclist to get lost! Make sure the signs are visible to exhausted athletes after many hard miles of racing. We use 4 mm corrugated plastic for the signs. The yard signs are digitally printed in full-color.

Event Parking Signs

We offer traffic and parking signs for events and venues to maximize parking spaces and to get your race participants and spectators safely to the starting line. Large race event holders should contact local police about making arrangements for road closures and revise your route if necessary. Clearly label parking entrances and exits to avoid traffic congestion. Also create event staging areas for drop-off and pick-up to minimize traffic backups for race vendors and volunteers. Large races may have shuttle bus service to pick up and drop off people from the parking lot to the race entrance area.

Motivational Race Signs

Motivational & inspirational signs – Athletes enjoy family members and spectators holding up signs for encouragement. Stand along the race course and sidewalks with our signs to inspire runners with positive or funny messages. Signs are printed on corrugated plastic and can be customized for your needs.

Event Sponsors Banners

The sponsors put up the money to make your event a success. Place their booths/tents and tables in the highest foot traffic and visible areas. Try to set up the event so almost all of the race participants and spectators see their logos, products, and services. Your goal should be for them to want to sponsor the event the following year. Sponsorship’s can be in the form of cash donations, prizes, products, food, sport drinks, and water. You can use the cash donations to cover miscellaneous costs of the race.

Start & Finish Line Banners

There should be absolutely no doubt where the focus of the race should be. Large banners and signs with event/sponsors logos should clearly mark this area. We print on 13oz. vinyl material with hems and grommets. Banners are also available in mesh material.

Finish line banner – Have areas where runners can check in with the staff for race results and turn in timing chips. Signs clearly leading to food, first aid, and H2O areas for hungry and thirsty runners.

A large backdrop banner would be perfect for photo opportunity’s and for race trophies, cash prizes, awards, merchandise, ribbons, or gift certificates.